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November 2019 onwards


The Sennybridge to Aberbran section remains closed over the winter 2019/20 as repairs to this bridge have not been completed. The Sennybridge access point is closed and paddlers must start their journey from Aberbran.

Failure to follow these instructions will lead to the loss of the Sennybridge to Aberbran reach permanently.

We will update this page as soon as the section has reopened.

July 2019


A bridge between Sennybridge and Aberbran has suffered flood damage and is currently in a dangerous state. There is a high risk of falling masonry. The section is therefore closed to canoeing at all times until repairs have been completed. Canoeists wishing to paddle the upper reach must start from Aberbran, exiting at Brecon or continuing downstream from there.

September 2018

There have been recent reports of cars being parked in the farmers' market car park in Sennybridge. This is a drop off point only with longer-term parking available in the public car park in the town. If cars continue to be parked in the farmers' market we will lose the right to access the river here, as happened at the Gliffaes further downstream.

We have received complaints from Talybont-on-Usk Community Council concerning…"large numbers of canoeists partially blocking the road at the Usk river bridge in Talybont and interfering with the flow of traffic. This problem is often an issue at this time of the year, when they park their vehicles on either side of the road to gain access to the river……Obviously we have the option of contacting the police, since they are causing an obstruction on the public highway…"

We request that the instructions given from the links below are followed and that you unload quickly at the Talybont access point without blocking the road. You must not park or stop here any longer than is necessary. If this continues then like the Gliffaes, we run the risk of losing use of this access point.

We understand that certain websites are encouraging people to remove the blue canoe signs that have been placed along the Wye and Usk. Please remember that effectively these signs grant permission to cross private property and without them, we run the risk that landowners will withdraw that permission. It has taken a long time to obtain all the necessary consents and has cost public money to do so. We ask everyone to follow the conditions of the arrangements and not to interfere with the signs.

Unfortunately our warnings about improperly parked cars along the Gliffaes Hotel lane were ignored and the Gliffaes Exit point has been closed with immediate effect as of 21st October 2013. Please exit at Crickhowell but be aware of shooting times at the Glanusk Estate, during which you must not paddle downstream of Llangynidr.

We have negotiated a number of access and exit points for canoeing on the following 3 reaches, each of which has its own specific conditions: Sennybridge to Brecon; Brecon to Talybont; Talybont to Crickhowell (or Llangynidr 30th Oct to 2nd Feb). Some of the access/exit points are newly negotiated following complaints from local residents, so please check the details and maps. You are asked to remember that the right to cross land and canoe is given freely by generous owners and we rely on sensible use to sustain these arrangements. Please read carefully the terms of the reach before setting off.

We were unsuccessful in negotiating a formal car park at Llangynidr – planning permission was refused by Brecon Beacons National Park.

Please ensure you are aware of restrictions to progressing beyond Llangynidr due to shooting at the Glanusk Estate from 30th October to 1st February.

Please let us know of any issues via the contact us page. It is important that you appreciate that the Upper Wye and Usk are not suitable for novices and should not be attempted unaccompanied.

The Usk is a Special Area of Conservation and care should be taken not to damage any bankside feature or disturb wildlife. To protect the ecology of rivers that you enjoy use of, you must be aware of biosecurity issues and measures.

The following conditions apply:

Sennybridge to Brecon [PDF]

Brecon to Talybont [PDF]

Talybont to Llangynidr/Crickhowell [PDF]

Usk Overall Map Sennybridge to Brecon Brecon to Talybont Talybont to Crickhowell Sennybridge to Brecon Brecon to Talybont Talybont to Crickhowell