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December 2018

We have received reports from the school that canoeists have been blocking access to their car park. Please ensure that that the area is now used for unloading only and do not block the access to the school.

The Upper Wye, April 2018 onwards...

We have negotiated a number of access and exit points for canoeing on the following 5 reaches, each of which have their own specific conditions. You are asked to remember that the right to cross land and canoe is given freely by generous owners and we rely on sensible use to sustain these arrangements. Please read the terms of each reach carefully before setting off.

The sections above Newbridge are of relatively small size and flow, and are available only when the relevant height gauges show heights over the red line (Llangurig and Rhayader). This is to protect spawning fish as well as allow you to canoe in optimum conditions.

Please let us know of any issues via the contact us page. It is important that you appreciate that the Upper Wye and Usk are not suitable for novices and should not be attempted unaccompanied.

The Wye and Usk are Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and care should be taken not to damage any bankside feature or disturb wildlife. To protect the rivers that you enjoy, you must take note of biosecurity measures. For more information on wildlife to be seen on this river, please see our Wildlife section.

The following conditions apply:

  • Navigation should be generally in a downstream direction

  • Llangurig to Dernol [PDF] ...... Please allow sufficient time to download

    Dernol to Marteg [PDF]

    Marteg to Newbridge [PDF]

    Newbridge to Builth Wells [PDF]

    Builth Wells to Glasbury [PDF]

    Upper Wye Map